Governing the business ethically and sustainably 

We are committed to being an ethical and responsible business, supported by strong governance and controls. Our business is built on the foundations of a well-established governance framework that fosters a culture of ethical and responsible business practices.


Strategic approach

ESG considerations are included in all governance structures and ESG matters are discussed at Board meetings at least quarterly. Following his appointment in February 2022, Dr Javed Khan was formally appointed as the Board member responsible for ESG. Javed’s considerable leadership expertise and his background in the UK public and voluntary sectors help drive forward NewDay’s ESG agenda as well as furthering our goal of being a force for good in responsible lending. ESG regularly features on the Management Committee’s agenda and individual members of the Management Committee sponsor each of our ESG targets.

We have identified and prioritised ESG issues most relevant to the business and its stakeholders through a formal materiality assessment process.

We fully support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Our progress in support of the SDGs is reported in our Sustainability Report. 


Since joining in February 2022, I have been impressed by the purpose-driven culture, customer focus and commitment to delivering against our sustainability goals, alongside disciplined governance. We have made progress across all areas of our ESG strategy, and I am proud of the positive momentum we have created in our ESG journey, though we know there is much more to do.

Dr Javed Khan OBE ESG Non-Executive Director

ISO accreditation

Cyber security is of high importance to our customers, Board and stakeholders. In 2022, relevant entities in the Group achieved certification against the ISO 27001 best practice security standard demonstrating our commitment to managing information safely and securely as a trusted partner.